About Me

If baking is any labour at all it is a labour of love. A love that is passed from generation to generation. I once asked my granny how she learnt to cook with such skill, her answer was simple, I love to cook because I love to eat. If I have a baking secret, that’s it, many of my dearest memories include a beautifully created food experiences. 
Since becoming a mother in 2013 my baking experiences changed, while I was still able to bake the ingredients had to change or I couldn’t share this important part of my life with my daughter. Trying new sugar free, vegan and gluten free recipes I found a different side of baking and best of all my daughter can bake and eat with me without any guilt on my side! Don’t get me wrong I still bake all the classics too but I love to let everyone have the chance to get a special treat now and again.

I want to share this baking with everyone, as a universal language we can all be part of. Food brings people together.